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Aviagen MyFlock

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The MyFlock™ App from Aviagen

The purpose of the MyFlock™ is to help Aviagen’s customers to easily share information and best management practices in order to optimize the performance from their parent stock. It is not intended to provide definitive information on every aspect of parent stock management, but to draw attention to important issues, which if overlooked or inadequately addressed, may depress flock performance. The management techniques contained within the MyFlock™ have the objectives of maintaining flock health and welfare, and achieving good flock performance and are consistent with the techniques published in the parent stock handbooks published by Aviagen.

The MyFlock™ App will help with the tracking of mortality rates at different intervals of the flock as well as provide the customer the ability to submit those figures to Aviagen in an email form.

For questions or comments about MyFlock™ you may contact Aviagen’s Social Media Team at 256-890-3800. For technical service questions regarding flocks please contact your local Aviagen Technical Service Manager or Technical Department or visit the Aviagen website at for management information and technical articles on a variety of topics.